Selmer Focus Clarinet Mouthpiece

Selmer Focus Mouthpiece

The Selmer ‘Focus’ is the latest addition from the Selmer Paris company and along with the ‘Concept’ designs have given the contemporary player much more to chose and benefit from with both the characteristics and qualities in this new mouthpiece design.

The ‘Focus” has an open and easy sound and allows a full tone throughout the vast dynamic range it produces.

‘ I was able to play with greater ease, security and confidence when playing pieces in the repertoire including Milhaud’s Duo Concertante, Poulenc’s Sonata and Weber’s Grand Duo’

The clarity in the precision of articulation was clear, clean and precise in all registers as well as the flute sonority throughout the range of the instrument. it possesses wonderful expressive qualities particually in the upper register and the altissimo notes were easy to produce.

The Selmer  ‘Focus’ mouthpiece met my expectations, surpassed my needs and is surprisingly good value for money

Highly recommended and well done Selmer!