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The Vibe Guide 'New to the flute'

Learning a new instrument is a wonderful experience. However, buying your first flute can often be a daunting process. This post offers information on what to look out for when buying your first flute.

When you look for your first flute, you will find that there are many different brands of flute, some better than others. The following 6 brands offer great starter instruments:

Yamaha, Trevor James, Pearl, AFP, Jupiter and Nuvo

The Vibe - Flute range

When buying a student flute, you need to look for instruments that are reliable and well built. The standard flute does not come in different sizes unless you are looking to buy a flute with a curved instrument for a young beginner / smaller child. Over the last number of years, there have been many instruments flooding the market. However, some of these flutes have not been built to exacting standards and therefore, we only stock instruments that have a reliable reputation and are what we consider to be high quality instruments.

• It is advisable to seek the advice of the teacher, as they will often have preferences regarding choice of instrument make and specification

• Also, seek advice from specialist retailers such as ourselves at ‘The Vibe’ as we are musicians ourselves and have a detailed knowledge on instruments that we offer.

• If the beginner flautist is a child, they may benefit from starting with a ‘curved headjoint’ which
effectively shortens the flute’s length to accommodate a younger players limited reach. This is an important consideration when choosing an instrument with a straight or curved headjoint, as a younger / smaller player needs to take care of their posture and avoid any unnecessary aches, strains and pains.

• Stick to well known brands with a reliable reputationshutterstock_188167049

• Beginner flutes are designed to be light to hold and robust (to withstand the inevitable knocks).

• As with all wind instruments, there are many brands and specifications to be tempted by. However, it is wise to stick with the more classic beginner setup – i.e closed hole, straight or curved head joint, e mechanism, silver plated and C foot joint. Other specifications are aimed at the more advanced player.

• When buying a student flute, you need to look for instruments that are reliable and well built. Over the last number of years, there have been many instruments flooding the market that are not very well built, difficult to play and come with unreliable mechanism. Some of these flutes have not been built to exacting standards and players often end up spending more money and time on fixing the instrument than would have cost to buy a good quality, reliable instrument in the first place. Therefore, we only stock instruments that have a reliable reputation and are what we consider to be high quality instruments. As a rough guideline, expect to pay between £200 – £600 for a well built and reliable beginner instrument.

• We offer various finance options when purchasing an instrument including buying out right, rental scheme and the ‘take it away’ scheme.

• Long term, flutes tend to hold their value fairly well providing the instrument is kept in good condition and serviced at regular intervals. When the time comes to upgrade your instrument, there are various options from changing the entire instrument to changing just the headjoint. Changing the headjoint alone can make a big difference as there are many different headjoint cuts which enable players to experiment with greater dynamic / tone colours and more refined articulation.

The Yamaha student flute models are excellent entry level flutes for young students and enable

The Vibe - yamaha 211 flute

players to create a warm and responsive sound with relative ease across the range of the instrument. Established in 1987, and named after Torakusu Yamaha, the ever popular brand, ‘Yamaha’ have had a renowned history of quality, reliability and artistic excellence in the field of instrument making

The award winning Trevor James entry level flutes enable players to create a responsive and

The Vibe - Trevor James Flute

attractive sound with relative ease. These models are durable and responsive instrument offering fantastic value for money. Established in the early 1980’s, Trevor James have become a highly successful brand with distribution in 57 countries. With over 30 years experience, they have listened to the thoughts and expertise of professional teachers and performers in the industry and finely honed the design, manufacture and quality of finish to their flutes.

Pearl entry level flutes are silver plated, efficient / durable and include their trademark pinless mechanism, one-piece core bar construction and French pointed key arms. Their student models enable players to create responsive and warm flute tones with relative ease. With a renowned history of pioneering craftsmanship, Pearl continuously strive to research new flute and headjoint designs, material (in gold and silver) and ergonomic key design. Combining advanced designs / techniques, meticulous assembly and artistry.

The AFP Brand Flutes offer a quality budget beginner student flute with a free blowing headjoint, enabling players to create an attractive sound with relative ease. Established in 1990, All Flutes Plus (our sister shop –specialist flute shop) have combined their years of knowledge and skills in the specialist flute industry to create an ‘in house’ brand in collaboration with a highly reputable manufacturer. Both at The Vibe and ‘All Flutes Plus’, we always encourage customers to invest in trusted brands such as Trevor James, Yamaha, Pearl or Jupiter. We do however understand budget constraints may not always allow for this. With this in mind, All Flutes Plus have created a superior budget beginner flute that is durable, well built and responsive.

The Jupiter entry level models are popular beginner / student flutes and are ideal for school, band and ensemble use. Jupiter beginner models comes with the added benefit of a ‘silver riser’, enabling students to create warm tones with relative ease and offer excellent value for money. Established in 1930, Jupiter have become recognised as a major worldwide brand with 3000 staff and four major factories. As a company, Jupiter constantly strive to improve upon instrument design and carefully hone their designs based on the advice of teachers, repair craftsman, instrument designers and performing artists in the music industry.

The Nuvo Flute or JFlute are built so that young children can begin to learn the flute with an plastic instrument that is very lightweight, highly durable yet produces a great sound. The Nuvo flutes are great for primary school children who want to begin a wind instrument. Established in 2007, the co-founders of Nuvo joined forces to combine their knowledge of wind instruments and design / consumer product manufacturing to produce an array of innovative, colourful and affordable wind instruments. In 2009, Nuvo successfully launched the Nuvo Clarineo clarinet, which inspired them to later create the Nuvo Flute and J Flute. Nuvo have combined the traditions instrument design features together with new materials and modifications to create lightweight, fun and durable instruments.

All of the above flutes are available at The vibe.

Alongside your instrument, we offer a free set by a instrument technician before you purchase it, a one year guarantee and a one year health check to keep your instrument in working order all included in the original price (excludes repairs necessary due to damage by misuse or accident.)