Short- Term Professional Hire at The Vibe.London

Offering a range of Pro End Instruments for short term hire we may have something to keep the gig alive for you. Hire either by the day to week, subject to availability.

So…. how does it work?

Hire fees are charged when collecting the instrument.

A days hire is 24 hours (from the time you collect the instrument).

A weeks hire is 7 days inclusive.

The reserve the right to charge extra day/ week hire fees for late returns.

Although the instruments will be supplied with basic accessories, you will need to keep it clean and bring your own reeds/ mouthpiece, patches and other peripheries to the party.

If the hirer requires the instrument to be shipped rather than collected in store all carriage costs will be added onto the hire fee….please note we would need to first approve this in store with the hirer in attendance.

Instruments can be insured by the hirer or through the vibe at £5.00 per week. The hirer is totally liable for loss or damage, by the hirer OR any third party. The instrument needs to remain within the UK. If the hirer needs to travel abroad with the instrument please state at the time of hire, this may effect the insurance price.

The Vibe.London will fully service all rental instruments before collection and reserve the right to charge for undue repair costs upon return.

The hirer must be a UK resident and over 18 years old, supplying two forms of ID with current address and credit/debit card details please.